MyCarol Breast Milk Collector Silicone Manual Breast Pump Breastfeeding Breast Leak Milk Breast Milk Storage Collection Cup 90ml
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MyCarol breast milk collection cup

   Product overview:

MyCarol breast milk collection cup
Full liquid silicone safety material

Tested by strict authorities

BPA free, safe material without odor


Save your precious breastmilk

Because the breasts are connected, one breastfeeds and the other leaks


Full liquid silicone

Same material as pacifier, safe and secure

                                                           MyCarol Liquid Silicone                                            Common solid silicone

The same material and pacifier
BPA Free, Mom assured, baby safe.

Silent pump milk, simple collection of breast milk

                                                       Silent pump milk                                                                                 Easy to carry out

                    Feed on one side and collect on the other                                                     Pump on one side, collected on the other side

Matt process, more comfortable to touch

Different from the matt process of other products, comfortable and non-slip

The bottom of the cup is thickened to prevent dumping

The bottom and the body are integrally formed and can stand stably without dumping

One-piece molding, cleaning more convenient

Small and portable, easy to go out

Help solve the problem of rising milk during work or travel

Capacity and calibration are clearly visible

Cup body calibration clear, easy for the mother to see

Correct pressing position

Correct: Press the lower part of the cup                                           Error: Press the center of the cup

Product Size

Product packaging display



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Our electric breast pump to provide one-year warranty. NOTE: We only provide the electrical part of the quality assurance (all accessories and power and man-made damage not the warranty). If you need us to provide warranty service, damaged merchandise using the video shoot for me to watch, we check the merchandise under warranty, will provide a new electrical parts to you.


Our electric breast pump a small amount of spare parts, accessories breast pump if you do not accidentally lost or damaged, you can go to our shop to buy it.

we all have electric breast pump parts meet, if you are our customers our accessories will follow plus shipping costs available to you, please contact us to buy. We strive to provide you with the most quality service.

Tip: Avoid soft silicone fittings for a long time high temperature sterilization, can improve the life of parts, air duct cleaning to avoid, if you have to clean the air tube, remove all air tube water because the water will be drawn and damage to the machine (note appliances: electrical damage caused thereby not warranty).


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